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Creating a place apart to grow with God in every season. 

Camptoberfest registration is NOW OPEN!!!


The cost is $100 per person (under 6 is free)

Camptoberfest is an chance for the whole family to experience the joy and wonder God has provided Westview. The whole family will sleep in a hogan and eat in the dining hall, with meals provided by Westview's top notch kitchen staff. Families will be able to participate in many of Westview's regular camp activities, including Archery, Crafts, Boating, Rock Climbing and more. Campers, child and adult alike, will get to see Westview in the fall, when nature turns on its amazing color show. This is an amazing opportunity for the whole family to get a taste of what summer camp like.

To register, log into your UltraCamp account and click "Reservations" in the top and Explore Sessions.

James River Canoe Trek


Experience the wonder and beauty of the James River. In this All Ages Trek, you will be transported upriver where you will launch in canoes and paddle downstream to the Westview Boat Ramp, along the way observing God’s creation and enjoying the provided packed lunch. Once back at camp, you will enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our professional kitchen staff, relax around the campfire, spend quality leisure time with your fellow paddlers, and partake in S’Mores. After a good night's rest, and a quality breakfast from our kitchen staff, back to the Westview bout launch and back on the gorgeous James River for the rest of your journey, while enjoying another packed lunch, again provided by our amazing kitchen staff, on the water. Staff will pick you up and transport you back to Westview where you will have a short closing then head on your way home to reflect upon the wonder of nature that the Lord has created. (children must be accompanied by an adult)

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Phone: 804- 457-4210

Address: 1231 West View Road 

                 Goochland, VA 23063 

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