Westview is looking for a Facility Manager

Due to our Facility Manager relocating to be closer to family, Westview is seeking a new Facility Manager. The following is a detailed job description and qualifications needed for the role.

If interested in this position, contact Bobby Boyd at bobby@westviewonthejames.org

Job Description

Maintenance Manager


​Westview is looking for someone to take the reins of the Maintenance department and assist in leading the camp in offering hospitality to our guests and staff. This critical role operates and maintains the physical property that includes: buildings, domestic water systems, utilities, camp equipment and vehicles. This position calls for hands-on involvement, inspection of items and work, supervising maintenance staff and summer maintenance staff, care of landscape and grounds, setting priorities, setting and adhering to budgets, working with contractors and researching and implementing projects. The person filling this position must be able to develop and maintain positive, harmonious and professional relationships with other camp staff, our field partners, and our guest groups. This position requires proficiency in communication, organization, customer service, Microsoft Office as well as PC Hardware, multitasking, and supervision. College degree in related field preferred (or equivalent work experience). He or she is to manage the maintenance functions with excellence and in a way that will honor Jesus Christ and comply with Westview’s Statement of Faith.



Essential Duties

  • Quality Assurance

    • Responsible to operate and maintain the Westview property in a manner consistent to ensure a well-kept and clean property for guests that demonstrates a non-verbal presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Organization 

    • Coordinate, schedule and carry out urgent tasks (DIN), preventive maintenance (PM), and projects to keep the property in top condition; utilize staff to function most effectively without interfering with normal scheduled camp operation.

    • Assist the Executive Director and Operations Director in setting budgets, establishing priorities, keeping records, documenting information, writing reports, planning development, and determining goals necessary for camp operations.

    • Maintain a list of capital projects to be undertaken as time and money allow; coordinate and direct contractors to ensure timely completion and desired results.

    • Develop, plan, budget and prioritize a list of in-house projects.

    • Respond to urgent and unscheduled needs of guests and operational emergencies.

  • Management

    • Provide positive, professional and effective leadership for any staff person or volunteer working within the maintenance department.

    • Manage and maintain camping equipment and vehicles to provide good service, long life, and responsible stewardship.

  • Record Keeping

    • Maintain operating records as directed by the Executive Director. These include:

      • Records required by the Health Department for potable water and operation of the pool.

      • Fire and safety equipment records.

      • Maintenance records for buildings (e.g., paint chart, recurring problems, major maintenance work).

      • Maintain standardization records for replacing equipment.

    • Stay current in all state codes relating to water treatment, and camping maintenance to ensure compliance with the code and to act as prime mover on seeing that all codes are adhered to. 

    • Monitor water and energy consumption with view to conserve resources.

    • Ensure that construction projects comply with all regulatory agencies and all state and local license and permit requirements.

    • Use the appropriate skills necessary to administer programs such as Energy Management and/or Domestic Water Treatment.

  • Relationships

    • Work closely with other camping department heads and assigned team on all matters involving use of the property for the program. 

    • Coordinate with other camping department heads and the Executive Director to ensure that tasks are being performed up to standards, in proper priority, in a timely manner and in harmony with the rest of the camp operation.

    • Work closely with the Summer program, Guest Services, Food Service and Administrative departments to maintain these areas to facilitate the best service possible for guests.

    • Work closely with the Summer and Guest Services leaders to make the work experience a positive time of personal growth for the individuals who have volunteered their time to the camp.

    • Lead by example in cooperating with all other departments on the property to operate as a team and produce a well-functioning body. This will also include being a positive spiritual leader and example.

    • Relate to the local community in a manner best suited to carry out the public relations policy of Westview, as presented by the Executive Director.

    • Treat all interpersonal relationships on the property with staff and guests with equal importance to the task at hand.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Other duties as assigned

Working Conditions

  • Physical Requirements

    • This may entail the need to assist in physical labor to show how a project needs to be completed. May have to lift up to 100 pounds and do other physical things such as pushing, squatting, kneeling, climbing, etc. 

    • This position may require the staff person to work out-of-doors, which will mean exposure to various changes in weather (heat, cold, rain, snow). May also be in contact with chemicals in domestic water and pool water treatment.

Note: This description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with this job. It is intended to be an accurate reflection of the principal job elements essential for making compensation decisions.



  • Extensive professional and/or supervisory experience directly related to managing and directing experienced trades in accomplishing numerous and varied tasks.

  • Bachelor's degree or technical school diploma may be substituted in lieu of work experience.

Experience Required for the Job

  • Minimum of five years of general maintenance experience or construction-related trade, e.g., plumbing, carpentry, etc.

  • General working knowledge of all facets of construction and building trades.

  • Experience in bidding construction jobs and working with contractors.

  • Able to obtain licenses necessary for camping operations such as: domestic water systems operator, pool operator, camp permit, sanitation, etc.


  • ​Medic​al, dental and vision coverage.

  • Paid vacation and sick leave.

  • 401(k) matching plan.

  • And more!​​​


​Westview is a relational ministry. Staff must be able to convey a sense of Christ-like hospitality and concern for guests and staff. Responding to the unexpected needs of a guest in a prompt and professional manner is important. All staff members are expected to represent Westview positively and professionally within the community and be able to work with and minister to all people who attend our camp. 


The ideal candidate will not only have applicable job experience, but demonstrated ability in leading, managing, motivating people; implanting process and systems, and the requisite financial management therein; as well as be responsible for both professional and spiritual development of the team. The role will oversee full and part time employees, interns, and volunteers at any given time.


The ideal candidate will have experiences leading people in ministry/maintenance style settings. This model values both spiritual experience of both the guests and the team members. The skill set requires the ability to lead Bible studies with a group of staff and volunteers while concurrently managing facilities and operations.