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What is Tiered Pricing and how does it work?


Here at Westview we are fortunate to be supported by the churches of the Richmond, Charlottesville, and Rappahannock River districts of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Their monetary support, along with other donations received throughout the year allow us to offer summer camp at a cost that does not actually reflect the true expenses of a week at camp. Tiered pricing gives each family the opportunity to pay as they are able, because no one knows your family situation better than you do. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure the funds donated in support of Westview can be used for the care and upkeep of the camp and its facilities.


We offer three tiers to choose from: Tier 3 is the SUBSIDIZED cost, supported by donations.  Tier 2 is the TRUE cost, when indirect expenses such as maintenance, insurance, and utilities are added to the direct expenses such as food, activity supplies, and counselor pay. Tier 1 is the SUPPORTER cost, which covers the true cost for your camper, and lets Westview receive exactly the true cost for one other camper who comes at the subsidized rate. 


Choosing your rate is on the honor system, both for our families, and for us. We ask that you choose the price that is the most reasonable for your family, and we promise that all campers will receive the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE regardless of the tier you sign up for. The only people who will know which tier a family pays will be the office staff. We also promise that supporting Westview above the subsidized rate will help us use donations to make Westview better, both now and for years to come.


Junior Camp and Senior Camp

Weeks 1-4

Tier 1- $723

Tier 2- $625

Tier 3- $495

Weeks 5-9

Tier 1- $723

Tier 2- $625

Tier 3- $520

Two-week Camp

Tier 1- $1446

Tier 2- $1250

Tier 3- $1100

Mini Camp

Tier 1- $361

Tier 2- $312

Tier 3- $260



- ALL medical information and immunizations will be completed online.  Westview will not be mailing or emailing forms.  Sign in to complete this information any time up to three weeks prior to camp.


- A $100.00 non-refundable deposit and $3.75 registration fee, per camper, per program, is due when you register your child for camp.


- The final balance is due by May 1st. 


- If you register your child for camp after May 1st, the entire fee is due at the time of registration.


- Parents sending more than one child to a week-long resident camp will pay the full price for one child and receive a $50.00 discount per child (to be taken off the final balance) of the additional child/children attending.  Mini Campers will receive a $25.00 sibling discount.


- Cancellations: Your payments minus the $100.00 deposit and $3.75 registration fee are refundable up to May 1st. After this date no part of the registration fee is refundable.  Exceptions: A physician's written verification of illness is required on letterhead for refunds of payments minus the $100.00 deposit and $3.75 registration fee.


- Change of session: Any change of camp session after May 1st requires a $25.00 processing fee per camper per session.


- You can request one or two buddies of the same age/grade to be placed together during the camp session. All parties must request each other..


To register and make payments for camp click "Register Now" button at the top of the page.   If you have problems signing in, please call 1-804-457-4210 for help!