Adventure Activities

Challenge Course, High Ropes, Climbing Wall & Water Zip and Trampoline

Westview’s Adventure Activities are the perfect way to build a sense of community, teamwork, trust and fun!

Low Course (Challenge Course) (2 hours)
The Low Ropes Course at Westview offers a wide variety of games from icebreakers to team builders, problem solving to initiative games. Many use physical obstacles that cause the team to work together to accomplish a common goal.

  • Physical & Mental Problem Solving
  • Trust, Balance & Communication Activities
  • FUN!
"Let your hands get dirty; let your hair get mussed. In play carelessness is a virtue."

HIGH ROPES COURSE (3 hours for groups of 15-20)
The High Ropes Course offers a true challenge for any individual. The high ropes serve as a great opportunity for individuals to accomplish a feat they may have thought impossible.

  • Physical & Mental Challenge
  • Group Support
  • Adrenaline Pumping Fun!
"Dance, skip, get physical! You were designed to live in the body, not just the head!"

THE WALL (2 hours)
A 35 foot outdoor climbing wall with 2 sections, one with an incline, the other with an overhang! The Wall requires a personal commitment and willingness to take a risk .

  • Physical & Mental Challenge
  • Group Support
  • Exhilarating Fun!
"Notice the playfulness of nature: gurgling streams, dancing light, humming birds, fluttering leaves, twinkling stars. All creation wants to play with you."

ZIP N' DIP (2 hours)
Take a ride on our 300 foot zipline into the waters of the Westview Lake! Ride it at night for a super thrill! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Water Trampoline & Blob (1-2 hours)
Bounce on the trampoline and send each other flying off the Blob! What a great way to spend an afternoon! Fun, Wet, Fun!

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